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Using the A1003 targets is the most effective and most efficient way to practice.
I use this new design from A.P. Defence for all our CT courses because it gives the trainees a perfect training tool to prepare for real combat situations! I also use these targets in all our schools because they are easy to transport, they save time & money, and they last.
(Head of Elite CT School)

To: Nir

From: Eli

Re: Assessment of A1003 Active Target System

Nir,This systemgoes a long way in filling some gaps in firearms training.

The system allows for a department to provide realistic training with instant feedback for both

the shooter and the instructor. While there are other systems similar to this currently on the

market those systems require significant infrastructure and support for use.

This systems portability, flexibility, and basic means of operation are tailor made for small and

mid-sized agencies.

Historically firearm training has been based on shooting to a specific course of fire in a

specific time. The old two rounds center mass, fire but once a student has completed the drill,

the target is still standing at the end of the range (visually the threat still exists) . We stress, shoot

until the threat is removed but are unable to present that scenario on the range because we are

unable to purchase the larger reactive systems. We try to fix this by purchasing simple reactive

steel targets but they generally fall after one hit. This system would let us reinforce shoot to the

threat and provide realistic visual feed back to the shooter.

I dont think you can miss on this one its great!!!!


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'A 1003/4' Pop Up Targets-
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Governmental Security Bodies
Firearm Training Centers
Shooting Instructors
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provided Pop-Up Targets to 10 more Security Academies:
Herzliya Olympic Center Elite Training School
M.E. Roy Academia
US Embassy Training School
IAA (Israel Airports Authority Security Academia)
Israeli Court Security Academia
 ISA (Israeli Security Agency) Academia
Thai army
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